When I Wear Green, I Look Good

By Darius Clark

In my 14 years of playing football, the uniforms have changed a lot. Teams from youth league to the NFL are paying a lot of attention to – and money on – how they look.

The Oregon Ducks have a long history of football uniform changes. They are sponsored by Nike, and have been since the co-founder of Nike, William "Bill" Bowerman, graduated from the University of Oregon in 1934. Oregon’s football program gets unlimited uniforms. They can have a different uniform for every game they play, if they want. The colors are the same, but the concept of the uniform is different each year.

I personally love uniforms.

I think if a team gets a new uniform, they will perform their best because they look good. Believe it or not, some people like a team based on the colors and style a team wears.

The sexiest uniform for me was the all-green uniform we, the Harrison Hoyas, received this past season. I felt a jolt of energy my sophomore year as starting cornerback sitting in the locker room with my brand new gear and my pre-game Wild! Berry Pop Tarts – focused and ready to play.

We wore them for special occasions, like Homecoming. I feel like when we wore them, they made us play better as a team because we looked extra fye (good). And I never felt better playing football than I did in my all-green #28.