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Psychology is my Calling, Math, Not So Much

By Ada'Mesha Adkins

My dream is to become a psychologist.

I have this strong connection with people that I feel very fortunate to have. This came about with me communicating with family members and friends. Some of them had problems with their lives and it wasn’t easy for them to connect with anyone in their circle. I always tell them and anyone else if they need someone to talk to, that I’m always here for them.  The most important thing for them was that I listened and understood the things they went through. My aunt even told me, “You have a gift. To even connect with people the way you do at such a young age, is a gift from God.”

At first, it wasn’t a huge deal to me because I already had my focus on my first dream career, which was nursing.  I felt a strong draw toward nursing, but something deep, deep, deep down didn’t feel right.

So I decided to change things around a bit. My choice is to go after my psychology degree first, and then go after nursing. Psychology, I just recognized was like in a closet. I didn’t open the door because of nursing.

Nursing was taking over what my true passion is in my life and I couldn’t see through that. To me that was very painful, because all these different voices in my ear were telling me to “pay attention to psychology”. I just ignored everyone until I realized, I don’t like math.  Math and I are enemies; we don’t get along.

In nursing, you have to do math and I don’t like math much, so now I’m just focusing on psychology. I’m still interested in pursuing nursing; I’m just going after psychology first and then nursing. Hopefully, I can do a dual-enrollment, where I could get two degrees as a undergraduate.