Photo by Joseph Johnson

A variety of honeys are available for sale to customers at Savannah Bee Company in downtown Savannah, Ga.

Buzz attracts customers to Savannah honey seller  


Ted Dennard started beekeeping when he was only 13 years old. He founded the Savannah Bee Company with the sole purpose of sharing his love and appreciation of bees and bee products to the national market. But he didn’t do it alone, his friend opened a store called “One Fish, Two Fish” in 1999 and began to sell Dennard’s tupelo honey. His honey was a huge success with the store’s customers, and soon other stores wanted it too.

The tupelo honey is the Savannah Bee Company’s best selling product and is nicknamed Southern Gold because it is in bloom 3 to 10 days out of the year, is found in 3 rivers around the world, and should never crystallize.

Laurie Garner, the Broughton Assistant Manager, talks about how Dennard opened his own shop called “Wholesale” in 2002, and in 2008 he opened the “Savannah Bee Company” we know today.”

Garner also enjoy her working relationship with her boss.

“Ted is a great human being and takes care of his employees.”

It has been 9 years since the Savannah Bee Company made its debut. It now sells to 10,000 retailers worldwide and is planning on opening the eighth store in Westport, Connecticut.