Thai-inspired sweets offer cool comfort

By Jabari Courtney

On a hot day in Savannah there are many places for cold treats, but one shop sticks out from the rest. Thai inspired dessert bar Below Zer0 has a variety of unique sweets.

Below Zer0 is a local family-owned business with multiple franchises. The Tsoi family first introduced its rolled ice cream in the Savannah Seafood Shack. It now has a second location near River Street, and a third location is planned near Oglethorpe Mall.

“We had a little bit of extra space, so we decided to open up a smaller ice cream shop in the restaurant. We did it just to test it out,” store manager Jonathan Tsoi said.  

The most popular treat is rolled ice cream. Liquid ice cream is poured onto a chilled metal top and different ingredients are added. Flavors include s’mores, pina colada, Georgia peach and cookie monster.

“I went to Thailand for proper training in how to make rolled ice cream and other desserts,” Tsoi said.

The desert bar also has Asian-inspired bubble tea. Flavors include Thai tea, green tea, mango and coffee.