Students make splash at Savannah State Coast Camp

By Jabari Courtney

Middle school and high school students are participating in marine science experiments at Savannah State University’s Coast Camp.

At Coast Camp, students ages 7-18 get hands-on experience in the university’s marsh area, along the dock and on fishing vessels. The month-long day camp is a stepping stone along the way to a future in the natural sciences.

Zaniya Dempsey, 13, says she enjoys catching animals with the net and going to the dock. “More animals come out when it’s quiet,” she said. 

Zaniya said she likes animals, but she wants to be a pediatrician.

Samantha Turner, 12, wants to become a marine biologist. She became passionate about sea animals during her life sciences classes.

“In sixth grade we started learning about marine life, and it interested me,” she said.

She enjoys casting the nets for fish and learning more about sea life, and she’s made new friends at Coast Camp.

“When you meet new people,” she said, “you make really good friends.”