Last Tigers reach next generation of hipsters

By Aly Keys

The SSU women’s basketball camp provides young girls, from the age of 6-17, the opportunity to learn the basics of the game under a college coach and have fun.

The purpose of the camp is to teach the fundamentals of the game and emphasize passing, dribbling, shooting, defense, and all around teamwork. This year’s camp has over 100 campers, and is expected to continue growing for years to come.

Cedric Baker, the head coach of the women’s basketball team, is directing the camp as it is moving into its 14th year. 

“Coach Baker has done an excellent job of structuring a staff of college coaches, girls that currently play in college, or overseas.” said Andy Harre, assistant coach of the women’s basketball team. Coach Harre enters his third year of college coaching.   

Harre talked about his motives for being involved in the camp. 

“You want to give back to the community and also help the kids. We had people help us while we were growing up, and we want to help the future of tomorrow get better,” he said.

The other assistant coaches that are also involved were Brenda Warren and Ronald Booker.