By DaJuan Sampson and Deshawn Carter

SAVANNAH — Na’Seir Samuel has been making strides all his life. 

Na’Seir (known to friends and family as Nas) is a 12-year-old track and field standout. He has won 4 AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) national championships and is a two-time All American MVP in football. He attends St James Catholic School

Na’Seir said his inspiration was his coach, who thought he was excelling in football in the speed category, so he asked his father about wanting to pursue running in track and field. His father, Kacy Samuel, agreed — but Na’Seir came in last place during his first race. 

Na’Seir asked his father, “How do I go fast like the other kids?” His father answered, “More training would be required.” 

Na’Seir said that once he put his mind to it and believed in his goal, he began seeing success. He has been a winner in the 100 meters and 200 meters since 2016 and is a national record holder for his times in those events. His dream is to be a gold medalist in the Olympics and to break Usain Bolt’s record in the 100 meters.

When asked about other careers if sports do not go as planned,  Na’Seir said, “I think veterans are true heroes. I try to stay humble. If I don't make it in sports I would like to be a soldier and serve my country.”

Savannah's Na'Seir Samuel is a young man on the move