Atlanta students take Odyssey to college campuses

By Madison Lambert

High school students from Atlanta‘s Odyssey camp are spending the summer visiting campuses around Georgia. The students toured Savannah State University on June 21. They also visited Georgia College and Valdosta State University.

Students enrolled in Atlanta’s public schools are selected to attend the six-week academic enrichment program. The students range from grades first through 12th.

Eighty percent of the Odyssey scholars come back summer after summer, according to the organization’s website.

Kayla Graham, a rising junior, said she likes when her class does brain-stretching exercises. 

Odyssey’s goal is to motivate students academically.

“This camp kind of keeps me on track and ahead of the ball game,” camper Angel Courtland, another rising junior, said.

Students in Odyssey learn math, social studies, engineering and writing.