Photos and words by Laura Middleton

With the growing popularity of tablets and e-books, some people would think that a place like the local comic book store would go the way of the videogame arcade but Planet Fun has proven this to be wrong.

Planet Fun is a comic book shop on East Broughton Street that sells a large variety of comics, manga, retro video games and consoles, toys and collectibles. It’s been praised for its friendly staff, its customer service, its nostalgic feel, and its variety. 

John Croley, the owner of Planet Fun, was a student at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) when he noticed that there was no store he wanted to shop. 

 “I had gone to this city to go to SCAD, and I always wondered why there wasn't a store like this downtown,” Croley said. “I would actually pass this particular spot, [and think] ‘Why isn’t there a comic book shop right here?’ That’s the way I started the store — you gotta do something you care about.”

In 2011, he decided to open Planet Fun and in 2014, he moved to his current location. 
Fun Planet has become an essential pit stop for tourists and locals alike. 

Terrence Moore, a longtime customer and collector of toy cars, said, “I have two sons. The older one is at basketball tournaments. So my youngest is with me, and we always come as a family.”

Shop provides endless family fun in downtown