'Slaves in the City' tour shares untold tales

Photo by McCalla Scott

Patt 'Sister Patt' Gunn shares Savannah's slave history with visitors. 

By Kaila Collier

SAVANNAH -— Patt “Sister Patt” Gunn is on a mission to unearth the untold story of Savannah's historic tie to slavery. A master storyteller and member of the Gullah Geechee community, Gunn started Underground Tours of Savannah a year ago to share her history and passion for her culture.

“You shall feel the spirts of our ancestors on this tour,” Gunn said. 

Gunn conducts a walking tour called "Slaves in the City." She takes residents and visitors to some of the city's historic African-American sites as she discusses Georgian history and the trans-Atlantic slave trade. It's a history Savannah is reluctant to discuss, she said.

The true story of Savannah's slaves has not been told, Gunn said. She believes it's her duty to fix that.

“Savannah has given me strength and courage to tell the story of slaves in a dignified way," she said.

She says she has given more than 100 tours, and she doesn't believe in taking a break. It’s her duty to tell the stories of her ancestors.

“The information you gain on this tour you will not find in a church,” Gunn said.

Even with the dark past she discusses each day, Gunn has hope.

“The new generation has the intellect, wisdom, and they have the seat of the ancestors," she said. "So I think that they are going to be alright”.